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Farid Fata seeks ‘compassionate’ release due to potential for contracting coronavirus

Farid Fata

Former cancer doctor Farid Fata, imprisoned for illicit treatment of patients, is seeking release from his 45-year term due to “deteriorating health” and the likelihood he will contract COVID-19.

Fata’s request prompted a disgusted response from attorney Brian McKeen, who represented dozens of victims in a malpractice lawsuit against Fata.

“What a joke,” McKeen said. “The man got what he deserved. He had no compassion for the lives of his patients. He caused unspeakable suffering and pain, and deserves to be where he is for the rest of his life. People went through living hell because of Dr. Fata.”

Fata, who practiced from a Rochester Hills office, pleaded guilty in 2014 to 13 counts of health care fraud, one count of conspiracy and two counts of money laundering, and admitted he gave patients unneeded treatments before billing Medicare and other insurers.

He made millions of dollars providing 2,770 unnecessary chemotherapy treatments to 100 patients; in all, there were more than 550 victims from throughout Southeast Michigan. Advocates for some deceased patients say Fata was responsible for their demise, and many patients suffered various ailments due to unnecessary treatment, such as organ damage, lost teeth, nerve damage and lost bone in sinus cavities.

Fata was ordered to pay $26.5 million in restitution to individuals, health insurance companies and federal agencies.

Following a long process, Borman in April ordered the distribution of $11.9 million in restitution payments from Fata’s assets — $4.2 million is going to individual patients and $7.6 million is going to health insurance companies, according to the order.

Victims and Fata also settled a malpractice lawsuit for $8 million in 2016.

McKeen said victims only collected “pennies on the dollar” in losses.

Fata last year was rejected in his effort to withdraw his guilty plea.

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