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Are You The Victim Of A Botched IVF Procedure?

Usually when a woman undergoes in vitro fertilization, or IVF, the intricate procedure goes smoothly, even if it is not successful. However, our lawyers know that mistakes can occur. Catastrophic medical errors have led to the implantation of one woman’s embryo into another woman’s uterus. Others have led to a woman’s eggs being fertilized by the wrong sperm.

These tremendous mishaps can cost families their child, their emotional health and, ultimately, their dreams. If you and your partner are victims of a botched in vitro fertilization procedure, the attorneys at McKeen & Associates can take on these complex cases.

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The attorneys at our law firm care about our clients and their families. We will listen carefully to your story, investigate your case and aggressively pursue compensation for your painful experience.

Several Mistakes Can Occur During In Vitro Fertilization

Incidents of in vitro fertilization mishaps have been reported with more frequency in the United States and throughout the world in the past few years. Several types of mistakes have been reported, including:

  • Identification mix-ups involving eggs and sperm
  • Wrongly implanted embryos — in one case, a woman carried another couple’s child and then had to give the baby to the biological parents after giving birth
  • Mishaps involving the preservation and storage of eggs and embryos
  • Improper screening and genetic testing of donor eggs — in one example, a clinic failed to screen a donor who was a carrier of Fragile X syndrome
  • Improper screening of sperm donors

When you decide to undergo IVF, you trust that the doctor and medical personnel are competent and skilled at the procedure. When something goes wrong, the results can be devastating. Our attorneys will ensure that the appropriate party is held responsible for negligence.

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