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Infection transmission prevention mistakes: A common thing at hospitals?

Among the care commonly provided at hospitals is infection care. When hospital staff are caring for patients that have or show signs of having an infection that transmits by contact, there can be risks of the infection spreading. This is why it is so important for hospital staff to take proper precautionary steps when providing such care. One would hope missteps when it comes to such measures would be rare. Unfortunately though, a recent study indicates such missteps might actually be rather common.

The study involved observations of hospital staff conducted inside and outside of patient rooms at two hospitals. Specifically, it looked at staff members as they were engaged in precautions for contact-transmitted pathogens in connection to patient care. These sorts of precautions are typically taken when patients have or are suspected to have contact-transmitted infections, like Staphylococcus aureus or Clostridium difficile.

Surgical site infections can lead to more invasive procedures

Having surgery can be an ordeal. Worry. Anesthesia. A lengthy healing process. In addition to the immediate danger of surgery, there can be risks afterward, too.

One of the risks that comes with any surgical procedure is an infection of the surgical site. These can be caused by many different things, but the results are usually painful for the patient. Here are some points to know about surgical site infections:

Laser hair removal: risks and safety precautions

Contending with unwanted body hair is a nuisance. Shaving every day is time consuming, and waxing is painful. Maybe you're considering laser hair removal--the latest solution to getting rid of body hair for good.

Laser hair removal has been around for a while, but the market has exploded in recent years. Independent clinics and beauty salons are cropping up all across the country, offering such services at discounted prices--all from the tranquility of a spa-like setting.

IKEA furniture recall: reported injuries to children

Since the popular Swedish furniture retailer opened its doors to the American market two decades ago, it has become an instant sensation. IKEA stores have popped up all across the nation, and customers have flocked to them.

The company’s business model is somewhat unusual in the furniture market: it offers fashionable home décor at affordable prices—and in exchange, customers are tasked with the job of assembling their purchases themselves. For many families on a budget, this seems like a fair trade-off.

Fourth of July fireworks safety essentials

The Fourth of July is a holiday about history, community, family and fun. It's our nation's birthday--and one of the ways we celebrate this occasion is with a festive display of pyrotechnics in the night sky.

Maybe you're headed out to watch the professional show over the Detroit River this year. Or maybe you and your family have decided to put on a private display in your own backyard. If you're opting for the do-it-yourself version of fireworks this year, it's important to take the appropriate safety precautions. Thousands of people end up in the hospital each year due to amateur fireworks displays gone wrong.

Standard of care isn't universal in all cases

The standard of care is used in legal claims to determine whether a patient experienced medical malpractice. If a doctor fails to treat a patient with the standard level of care, he or she is responsible for the resulting injury to the patient. 

Until a person is harmed due to medical malpractice, he or she might not ever consider what can happen if they don't receive adequate medical care. Doctors have to ensure that they and their actions meet or exceed the applicable standard of care.

If your child gets injured in Michigan: statute of limitations

If a child is injured—whether it be due to medical negligence, unsafe conditions or a defective product—they have the same legal rights and are entitled to the same compensation as an adult. However, the law concerning personal injury to minors is different than for adults.

Today we examine Michigan’s deadlines surrounding personal injury lawsuits for children.

Upcoming hospital procedure? Avoiding having it done in July.

Life is unpredictable. You can’t anticipate every turn of events that could lead to a hospital stay. However, if you’re having elective surgery or treating a non-urgent condition, you may have some flexibility in scheduling your procedure. If at all possible, it’s wise to avoid hospital treatment in the summer months—particularly in July.

Why does the month matter?

Why the U.S. is leading in maternal morbidity

More than 50,000 women each year suffer from severe maternal morbidity as a result of giving birth. At first glance, you might expect this to be an average statistic worldwide. Or perhaps you assume this figure represents the morbidity rate from childbirth in the third world.

In actuality, this number refers to women in the United States. American mothers die or sustain serious complications in childbirth far more than in any other developed country—three times as often as mothers in Canada and the UK.

Emergency room errors shouldn't happen — but they do

People who head to the emergency room have something going on that requires immediate medical attention. Patients assume that ER doctors are fully capable of making an accurate diagnosis when they arrive.

Yet misdiagnoses in emergency rooms are a real problem. In ER, doctors usually don't have access to a comprehensive medical history for patients. They often have to rely on bits and pieces of information. This, however, doesn't mean that people who seek care in the emergency room should expect serious medical conditions to go untreated.