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Detroit Medical Center cited for jeopardizing patients’ health

Detroit Medical Center (DMC) could lose its federal funding due to multiple violations of infection control requirements. This marks the second instance of infection control violations by DMC in the last two years.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) recently conducted reviews of DMC hospitals. Two such hospitals—Harper and Receiving—failed their health and safety inspections. According to the CMMS report, “the deficiencies cited are significant and limit your hospital’s capacity to render adequate care and to ensure the health and safety of your patients.”

Risks are present in same-day surgery centers

Patients who are having surgery might assume that they are going to the hospital for the procedure. This may not be the case. Many surgeons are turning to ambulatory surgery centers to do certain surgeries. The issue is whether these outpatient centers are safe for patients. In some cases, they aren't.

There are many reasons why your health care provider might want to do a procedure in one of these centers. They are often seen as more convenient and usually less expensive. The cost is one of the reasons insurance companies might approve procedures in a same-day surgery center. Since there isn't an overnight stay in the hospital, that cost is eliminated.

Doctors aren't immune from suffering medical malpractice

Every day, many hardworking doctors strive to provide exceptional care for their patients. Should they need medical attention themselves, they expect to receive the same level of care that they dispense, especially since they generally have the resources to pay for it. When on the receiving end of the healthcare system, however, physicians may be shocked to find medical staff ill-prepared and inattentive. As one practitioner recently revealed on social media, even doctors can be the victims of malpractice. 

Healthcare At Its Worst

Ophthalmologist David Aizuss, M.D. traveled to Las Vegas in the final days of 2018, planning to attend a wedding. Instead, a sudden bout of pain sent him to a local emergency room, which led to a chain of events that opened his eyes to how fragmented the US healthcare system is.

5 types of psychiatrist negligence that can lead to a lawsuit

Mental illness is a growing concern in the U.S. Whether you are suffering with depression, anxiety or another affliction, you may seek out the help of a medical health professional to gain some relief.

But what if you come out of treatment feeling the same—or worse—than before? Can you blame your psychiatrist for the inefficacy of your treatment? Do you have legal recourse?

Leaving your childbirth in the hands of the wrong midwife

Midwifery has a reputation of facilitating more natural, homeopathic childbirths. However, many midwives—operating legally in Michigan—actually lack the training to safely manage a childbirth.

One recent case involved a family in Romulus. The mother opted to give birth in her home, for which she sought the help of Helen Stockton—a midwife at Ann Arbor’s Mother Earth Midwifery. Stockton’s improper decision making during the childbirth cost the baby his life.

Prominent Detroit doctor accused of $500 million opioid ring

Opioid addiction continues to plague our communities, damaging families and reportedly taking the lives of more than 100 Americans every day. The persistent overprescription of opioids has led to countless victims that suffer unnecessary and avoidable addiction.

Despite the horrific opioid crisis that state and federal agencies are determined to fight, some pharmaceutical companies and doctors have joined the ranks of street dealers to profit off of human suffering. A disheartening recent news report indicates that six Metro Detroit physicians have been charged with operating a $500 million opioid ring.

Worst Corporate Conduct of 2018: MSU and USA Gymnastics

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) recently published their annual Worst Corporate Conduct list for 2018. Multi-billion-dollar financial, oil and car manufacturing companies came under attack for putting profit ahead of economic welfare, environmental protection and public safety. Nestlé was singled out for using international child and slave labor in its cocoa production in Africa.

And amidst these worldwide atrocities, the AAJ also pointed to Michigan State University (MSU) and USA Gymnastics for their decades-long protection of a known sexual predator.

These are among the most commonly misdiagnosed conditions

You trust your medical team to deal with any condition that creeps into your life. While it's important to receive medical treatment when necessary, don't assume that your doctor is always making the right decisions.

Unfortunately, there are many commonly misdiagnosed conditions. If one of these slips through the cracks, it can result in additional harm.

When profit is more important than resident safety

If a loved one is not able to live with us, we try to find them exceptional caregivers and a community full of people who we trust to take as good of him or her as we would.

What we never want is for our loved one to be victims of elder abuse, something that unfortunately happens more and more.

Although each state is required to inspect every advanced care/nursing facility on a regular basis, the system is imperfect, and they may only spot abuse in extreme cases or if specific complaints are made.

Why to monitor your child’s social media following an accident

When your child is involved in an accident, you likely have a thousand thoughts running through your head. As a concerned parent, you may be anxious to understand the severity of your child’s physical injuries—and the recovery process. You may also be worried about your child’s emotional distress from the accident—and any implications this may have on their future. Your most dominant instinct is to protect. Your child’s wellbeing is paramount above all else.

In such a trying time, one consideration that may not even cross your mind is your child’s activity on social media. However, if you are pursuing a claim against another party for your child’s injuries, then it’s important to understand how Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can impact the outcome of your case.

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