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The dark underbelly of the world’s leading sleep aid

Since its release into the market over a decade ago, Ambien has become a ubiquitous name in the medical industry. It has been shown to induce sleep in about 20 minutes, and people all over the world have sworn by its efficacy. It has quickly become the number one prescription sleep aid as well as one of the top-selling prescription drugs in the United States—more widely consumed that Percocet or prescription-strength Ibuprofin. Its generic version—Zolpidem—sells for just $2 per pill, making it affordable to most consumers.

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who have found a restful night’s sleep with Ambien, the following may be unwelcome news.

Health facilities on notice about top 10 tech hazards for 2018

Technology is important – in everyday life and medical care. Unfortunately, improper or negligent use of it can mean disaster for patients.

All medical devices, whether they are as routine as a bed or complex as robotic-assisted surgery tools, carry with them risks unless health care facilities and those who work in them take the steps necessary to minimize the dangers. In pursuit of that goal, ECRI Institute has issued its latest list of the top 10 tech hazards for 2018. They are:

Doctors can do more to protect babies against hepatitis C

Children are arguably our most precious resource. The welcoming of a new life into the world is something that should always elicit joy. Unfortunately, even with all the advances in medical science that have been made, too often failures by health care providers in delivering on their duty of care creates victims that leave families with physical, emotional and financial burdens for a lifetime.

In recent years, the potential threat to newborns has grown to include a wide range of conditions. Among them is the increased use and abuse of opioid medications. Once heralded as the salvation of pain management practice, opioids now are blamed for creating a massive national crisis of addiction.

What constitutes a medication error?

Older readers will remember the commercial tagline "Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible." Monsanto put it out there back in the 1970s. These days, with all the attention on the environment and the effects of human activity upon it, many might be inclined to take a dim view of chemical production. However, that Monsanto line still carries some weight, especially when you consider how necessary chemicals are in the making of medications.

Pharmaceutical products help heal human ailments from the inside out and outside in. But if they are prescribed or administered improperly, what should be life restoring treatment can be life changing or even life ending.

Michigan attorneys' group backs Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

The search for justice on behalf of injured individuals and their families is the driving force behind our legal practice, as it is for others of our colleagues who are members of the Michigan Association for Justice. As a group, we strive to ensure that laws and the courts don't allow profits to take precedent over people.

It's a constant struggle that is not made easier by a legal environment in which courts grant corporations the status of individuals in some instances, giving them rights that some observers argue unfairly tips the scales in favor of big business. The MAJ's mission is to fight to make Michigan a better place for individuals to live and work. As part of that effort, the MAJ recently announced its endorsement of Gretchen Whitmer for Governor.

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy condition that kills

Pregnant women must be monitored closely throughout the pregnancy. As she gets closer to her due date, visits with the doctor are likely going to increase. This is because she is at risk of serious health complications that can impact her and the baby once she reaches the 20th week of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is a condition that only occurs during pregnancy and can be deadly for the mother and baby if it goes unchecked and leads to eclampsia. Unfortunately, the only cure for it is delivering the baby. Options to try to keep the mother and baby stable are possible, but obtaining those means that the woman has to be diagnosed with the condition.

Michigan firm looks to prevent common surgical 'never events'

There are certain things that should never happen in an operating room. Because of how often such things do happen, patient safety advocates have launched major efforts in recent years to put policies and processes in place to prevent these so-called "never events" from ever occurring. According to many experts, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Those in Michigan with experience looking out for the rights of patients know that a particular problem during surgery is that sometimes items get left behind. Statistically speaking, the most common of these items is the surgical sponge. If you don't think this issue is significant, think again. Experts know that sponges left in a patient's body can cause painful and even deadly infections.

Big-time GOP senator issues partisan gerrymandering broadside

There's a saying: Politics makes strange bedfellows. Many observers suggest President Trump's recent cooperation with Democratic leaders to get something done in Washington serves as a prime example of this. There are voices all along the political spectrum – left to right – decrying the deal-making efforts. A more balanced view is that such compromise is how things should get done.

At its core, the U.S. democratic system presumes compromise being in the best interest of the country. The foundation of our structure is the one person-one vote concept. The goal is to ensure every voice is honored and heard.

Consider the options for medical malpractice liability

Being injured while under the care of a doctor is something that most people can't even imagine will happen to them. When this does occur, you should consider that a reason to take action. One of the options you have is to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Michigan laws provide some very strict protections for patients. When these protections aren't respected and you suffer an injury, you will need to determine who is going to be held liable for the damages. There are several options to consider when you are trying to figure out this point for your case.

How some medical malpractice claims can be defended

On this blog, we focus on the issues that face victims of medical malpractice and how these people can seek justice given the horrible treatment they received at the doctor's office. However, sometimes it is beneficial to analyze the other side of the issue to have a better understanding of the whole topic. In this regard, today we want to talk about the defenses doctor's and medical institutions use to combat medical malpractice claims against them.

The first is just standard defense tactics against a negligence claim. Medical malpractice is considered a standard negligence claim, so any defenses to these claims could work. For example, if the patients injuries weren't caused due to medical error or if the doctor acted within industry guidelines and standards, then a medical malpractice claim could fail.