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Medical Malpractice And Personal Injury Lawyers

Experience With All Types Of Personal Injury Claims Including Medical Malpractice, Birth Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Civil Rights Violations And Wrongful Death

Medical malpractice cases are among the most challenging type of cases for an attorney to litigate. If you or your child has suffered injuries as a result of a medical professional’s negligence, it is essential to obtain the services of a legal team with experience and skill in this complicated area of litigation.

At McKeen & Associates, P.C., you will find a Detroit medical malpractice lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve after suffering an injury or loss of a loved one due to a doctor’s negligence. We have been representing injured clients in many different types of medical malpractice cases for more than 25 years, and in that time, we have developed an impressive track record of successful verdicts and settlements.

Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury

While we have a strong focus on cerebral palsy cases throughout the country, we also have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements in other birth injury cases.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is one of the most common birth injuries. We handle cerebral palsy birth injury cases throughout the United States.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, a high percentage of errors on the part of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals results in a patient’s death. We represent bereaved family members who have lost loved ones as a result of medical malpractice.

Legal Malpractice

We also represent clients in legal malpractice litigation. There is a winner and a loser in every lawsuit, so it is important to keep in mind that losing your case does not constitute malpractice. Your attorney has to do something negligent to be guilty of malpractice. Contact us for more information.

Federal Tort Claims Actct

We help military members and veterans who need help with FTCA claims arising from medical malpractice and other injury claims.

Civil Rights Violations

Defending you when your civil rights have been violated by an arresting officer or while in prison.

Your civil rights should never be violated by a government official or a stage agency. If you suffered police brutality, excessive force or any other violation by an arresting officer or while your were in prison, we can assist you.

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