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McKeen & Associates, P.C., is dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident and injury victims in Michigan. Our attorneys have recorded numerous multimillion-dollar results on behalf of our clients. Below are some of the testimonials we have received.

What people are saying:

Misty T.

“As we have been navigating through one of the most challenging times in our families lives, due to medical malpractice, Mr. Steven Hurbis and his team made going through this process feel seamless. Mr. Hurbis was always there to answer any and all questions we had. He always made time for us even as he juggled his very hectic schedule. He was very compassionate and truly cared how we were doing as a family. He never treated us as “just clients”. Mr. Hurbis made us feel like family. With his hard work and dedication, Mr. Hurbis and his team managed to settle our case in a very timely manner. We are highly satisfied with the outcome of our case and would highly recommend McKeen and Associates. In particular, Mr Steven Hurbis.”


In life, we all run into obstacles that short-circuit our plans or even put us on a different path. When I needed help to get past an emotional and physical barrier thrown at me at a point in life where the plan was coming together, McKeen and Associates listened and believed in me even as I was beginning to doubt myself.

We worked together to obtain a settlement that will allow me to change paths as needed and to reestablish myself in confidence. Thank you Brian McKeen and Norm Rosen for hanging with me and pushing for me.

Go Blue!

Name Withheld

This firm is professional and always there to take your phone call and help out.  Barbara D. and Richard C. were great to work with from day one.  They always took time to explain what was going on and we achieved the end result we were all looking for.   Caring, compassionate and competent – they make a great team.  Thank you!

Name Withheld

“Greatest lawyers and staffs. The Mckeen and associates took my son’s case 1 week before the statue of limitations expired. Mr. Mckeen and Mr. Hurbis have helped us won our case ( the largest verdict in Michigan) after a 3 weeks long trial. It was a long journey but they accomplished what other law firms could not. Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication with my son’s case. You have taken so much weight off my shoulders now that I know my son will be well taken care for the rest of his life. We really appreciate you and I can not thank you enough. I would highly recommend this team.”

Ms. Robinson

“Thank you, thank you very much for all you did for me. I really, really appreciate Steven, Barbara, and the firm.”

Barbara and Stephen B

5 stars for all of you! We could not have been happier with Steven’s representation, we think of you guys often.

Laura P

As Personal Representative of Angelina R

I hope you and your family are well, especially during these troubled times. I would be happy to write an excellent review about your firm and you. Our experience was extremely positive, and you zealously advocated for my mom.

Amy Jo DiMaggio

Meet Ruby Jo. She is 8 years old. She loves swimming, swinging, music, roller coasters, long walks, shopping and a chocolate messy face. Her eyes light up the room, her smile is infectious. She has a bubbly, loving personality. As cliché as it sounds, she profoundly impacts everyone she meets. We are all better people from having her in our lives. She loves being with her family and friends. She brings us all so much joy. She loves hugs, cuddles and affections. More than anything, she loves to laugh at her little sister. She has taken a great interest in watching her grow. But she’s not all play, she’s a serious kid, too. She loves both her schools, yes she has two, and she is very eager to learn new things and grow as a person. She’s smart and clever and often plays the trickster, displaying sneaky intelligence. She is becoming a real person with a real personality and real relationships and connections.

From this description, one would never know that she suffered a tragic birth trauma that resulted in her diagnosis of cerebral palsy with accompanying physical disabilities. She does not have one independent life skill. She cannot sit, stand, walk, talk, crawl or use a fork or utensil to feed herself. My pregnancy with her was typical and healthy. She was born at 40 weeks but under tragic conditions. And while we cannot change the medical decisions that were made on that day, we strive always to give her the best life possible. We are dedicated to helping her reach the fullest potential in every way — emotionally, physically, socially, educationally and academically. Thanks to Brian McKeen, Terry Dawes and all of McKeen & Associates, we have the resources to do just that. We have the means to do all we can to help Ruby have a life she otherwise would not have.

Again, we cannot take back what has already been done, but the settlement received through McKeen & Associates has made life happier, brighter and easier in every way for her and for those who love and care for her. Without the settlement, we would be struggling financially and logistically. Without the resources, her development would suffer, as would her basic medical needs. It is obvious that Ruby would not have the advantages that she has now without McKeen’s help. She would not be as healthy, happy and developed. All of the money in the world will never be able to remove the brain injury that Ruby suffered, but the settlement has helped bring stability and peace into our lives, which makes for a peaceful and happy Ruby. We are so grateful and appreciative of our relationship with the legal staff at McKeen & Associates and we would not be in the place we are without them.

Scott Anderson

Publisher, Leading Lawyers Magazine/Director, Law Bulletin Interactive – Web Development & Marketing for Lawyers

Before we began our Leading Lawyers research of all lawyers in Michigan, I surveyed 25 of the most reputable and respected personal injury trial lawyers in Michigan. They made it very clear to me that Brian McKeen is THE personal injury plaintiffs trial lawyer in Michigan. The fact that he is an experienced and respected TRIAL LAWYER is very significant. He does not run a factory plaintiffs’ firm. Brian and his staff prepare to represent every one of their clients in a courtroom, which is why they have received record-setting out-of-court settlements. Brian is the real deal in Michigan and I strongly recommend him and his team for medical malpractice, product liability, wrongful death, transportation and other personal injury accidents involving negligence on the part of others.


On behalf of Diana’s entire family and myself, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and the firm for the long sought after successful outcome of our case — specifically for the outstanding representation we received from Brian McKeen. Undoubtedly, you are confident in their legal and technical abilities in the courtroom — they clearly had mastered both the legal and medical aspects of our claim. The way they handled each objection and effectively exposed the weak defense was impressive. The judge was very complimentary of their professionalism and case presentation.

However, the manner in which they handled our case went beyond the competence of very good attorneys. Early on, they elicited our trust, which of course is vital to the attorney-client relationship. They were caring and inquiring and encouraging — they wanted to know us as people so that they could present the best possible case. You should know that even before the reading of the verdict, we as a family expressed our sincere appreciation for their obvious efforts, commitment and belief in our case. We knew that no matter the verdict, we had been completely and fully represented and would forever sing high praises for Brian. We have spent a great deal of time talking about the events of the trial and continue to recall our “favorite” and most impactful Brian moments. They even managed to infuse humor, which was a great stress reliever for us all. They treated our family, the judge, jury and the defendants with the respect the situation warranted. We feel we were blessed that these two gentlemen were part of what was one of the most emotionally charged and difficult experiences of our lives. ln the end, we wanted the win for Brian as we did for ourselves and Diana!

Taylor Family

Dear Brian, Todd, Sharon & McKeen & Associates Team

Tragic events, beyond our control, had placed us into an arduous decision at the most trying times we had ever faced as a family. It was with much contemplation that we decided to seek justice for our most treasured loved one, in hopes of saving another family from enduring a similar tragedy. It was a situation that we could never have imagined we would ever be in, just a few weeks before. Our first attorney, with many years in this field, after reviewing the record and our consultations, with wisdom and candor, advised us that this was a most complicated case. He said that he could only think of one Law Firm that could handle such a complex case. He then referred us to McKeen & Associates.

From our first contact with Brian and his Team, we knew that we were in the best of hands and as the case progressed we witnessed the absolute determination by Brian and his expert, diligent and compassionate Team towards bringing JUSTICE to each and every one their clients. Ours was a long case, with so many twists and turns, but one thing we were always confident in was the absolute tenacity with which Brian & Todd perused JUSTICE and the kindness and compassion that they afforded our family and the respect that they showed to the memory of our loved one, whom we had so tragically lost.

We saw how hard Brian and Todd worked and they, as well as Sharon and the rest of the Team were always there for us at any time. My daughter and I did not enter into this journey for justice lightly, but the Hand of Providence was with us, as he led us to Brian and his amazingly talented Team. Our whole family with heartfelt gratitude would like to thank Brian, Todd, Sharon and the entire McKeen and Associates Team and highly recommend them. We entered this journey as Client and Legal Team and are so proud to say that we believe we have met some amazing people who have become our friends as well as part of our family.


Thank you for all your help and professionalism throughout this crazy process. We appreciate your updates and explanations. We would have been lost without. McKeen in a whole has been wonderful. Thank you for getting my life back on track.


I was impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism in pursuing this case. The fact that McKeen & Associates accepted my case is most admirable. I am doubly grateful for this. You should be proud of the work you do. Your staff was courteous and responsive to my inquiries and requests. I would be glad to recommend McKeen & Associates at any time with all sincerity. Thank you so much.


When my client contacted me over three years ago to discuss litigation possibilities, my office retained her and promised we would do our due diligence to find and select an attorney to refer the case to who could get her the best possible outcome and do so in such a way that she would be proud of. After speaking with a number of defense attorneys, your firm was recommended as meeting this dual mandate. In the end, you garnered a very large settlement value that will take care of her for the rest of her life, a necessary step once the primary bread winner in the family passed away. Again, thank you.

Amy Tripp

Partner/attorney at Chalgian & Tripp Law Offices, PLLC

I have the pleasure of working with Brian and his clients on matters that involve special-needs planning. Not only do Brian and his staff care about their client during the pending litigation, but they also continue to care about the clients once the matter has concluded. There have been several occasions when Brain and his staff have gone above and beyond for their client and the client’s family to assist and assure them an improved quality of life. Brian makes a difference for his clients.

Chris Keane

Owner at Keane Law Firm

If I needed a lawyer for myself in a medical malpractice case, Brian’s the guy I’d hire.

Mark Demorest

Managing member at Demorest Law Firm, PLLC

Brian is an outstanding lawyer for plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases and other personal injury cases. He selects his cases carefully by thoroughly reviewing the legal and medical issues before agreeing to accept a case. Once a case is accepted, he pursues it diligently to get the best possible result for the client. His track record of settlements and jury verdicts bears this out.

Patrick Malone

Patrick Malone & Associates, P.C.

Brian fits the three Ds that I look for in top trial lawyers: dogged, dedicated and determined. He is a leader in representing both children and adults who have suffered terrible injuries.

Todd Stearn

Law Offices of Todd J. Stearn, P.C.

In the years that I have known Brian, I have found him to be meticulous, honest and aggressive. I once saw a jury award one of Brian’s clients $55 million. I would have no hesitation recommending him to others.

Mark Snitchler

Founding member at Hubbard Snitchler & Parzianello PLC

I have had the pleasure of referring a number of matters to Brian over the years. He and his staff have taken great care of my clients. Not only is Brian a great trial lawyer, he and his staff give personal attention to all of his clients. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for a great medical malpractice firm.

Randy Musbach

Randy Musbach Attorney at Law

I would strongly recommend Brian McKeen and his firm. He is an excellent advocate for his clients.

Russell Gregory

The Law Offices of Russell Gregory, P.C.

Brian is absolutely top-notch. His results are virtually unmatched. Everyone in the community knows it. And he’s a pleasure to do business with. If you get Brian to handle your matter, you’ve done yourself and your client a tremendous service.

A. Vince Colella

Lawyer at Moss & Colella

Brian is an accomplished trial lawyer — highly intelligent and knowledgeable in the field of medical malpractice — who has dedicated himself to the aggressive representation of personal injury victims.

Edward Souweidane

Partner at Fraser & Souweidane

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Brian McKeen for referrals regarding medical malpractice matters. Brian quickly contacts referrals and makes a determination as to the validity of the matter. Also, the feedback I get from individuals I refer to Brian has been nothing short of spectacular, as are the results.

Scott Goodwin

Partner at Goodwin & Scieszka PC

Brian is one of the best trial lawyers in the USA. He certainly has some of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in MI. He recently spoke at the MI Association for Justice rapid fire seminar and his presentation was the most informative of the day. He is an asset to the plaintiffs bar in MI. I highly recommend Brian.

Linda Miller Atkinson

Partner at Atkinson, Petruska, Kozma & Hart Firm

Brian is a brilliant, thorough lawyer dedicated to his clients’ work and very professional as a colleague.

Kent A. Rozycki

Member at Kent A. Rozycki, PLLC

I went to law school with Brian and a former governor. Both have done quite well. Kudos, Brian!

Stephen Lane

Appointed to Illinois State Bar Association Tort Law Section Council

I’ve known Brian for many years and know him to be a tireless, dedicated and competent advocate for his clients. He has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in lawyering and I am happy to commend his qualifications.

Michael Heilmann

Partner at Michael G. Heilmann P.C.

Birth trauma litigation is not an area of med mal that one can pioneer. A child’s life is on the line. Brian McKeen is the single expert in the field that you can trust! He always respects referral fees to a referring lawyer and has no peers.

Jim Perdue

Of counsel/law professor at Perdue and Kidd, LLP and University of Houston

He was a hard worker and talented speaker, student and storyteller.

Steve Fishman


Brian is one of the top medical malpractice lawyers in the state of Michigan, if not the nation. I have referred a number of cases to him over the years. He is very selective about the cases he files, which is a benefit to both the court system and the prospective clients. And, of course, when he takes a case, he always achieves an excellent result.

Jason Waechter, Esq.

Owner, senior litigator at Law Offices of Jason Waechter

McKeen is a trial lawyer’s trial lawyer. He’s not afraid to try big cases and win them.

Jesse Reiter

President, Reiter & Walsh, P.C.

Brian is an excellent trial lawyer and has proven results. He is extremely bright and detail-oriented and is a superb cross-examiner. I would highly recommend Brian McKeen.

Lori Williams, Esq.

Managing attorney/owner, Your Legal Resource, PLLC

Brian and his staff provide excellent service and expertise to the clients I have referred to him over the years. I am happy to have him as part of my referral team.

Howard Wallach

Partner at Foley & Mansfield, P.L.L.P.

In the field of medical malpractice law, there is no one better — anywhere!


I want to thank Devin Berry for speaking with me this afternoon. She really heard and understood what I was telling her about my gastric bypass case. Even though the client does not have to do the foot work when a case is being handled, I feel like there is still a load on my shoulders until there is a resolution in this matter. A chapter is left open that you want to close. Speaking with Devin Berry gave me peace of mind knowing my case was in the hands of a very intelligent lady who knows what she is doing every step of the way. She is a true asset to a very impressive firm. I only wish I would have found them a lot earlier. I found this firm just by luck. I have read their website. I have spoken with Brian McKeen and Devin Berry. I feel now that I could not have had better luck finding their firm. Thank you very much for your interest in helping me.


Mr. McKeen,

I am writing you this letter to say thank you to you and your staff in getting the appropriate settlement for my mother’s illness from breast implants. I have a very special thank you to one staff member! Winifred is wonderful. She worked very hard and close with me to accomplish the settlement through the claims dept. Winifred is hardworking, sweet, kind and caring. She also knows her law and what exactly we needed. Above all, she was always upfront, honest and always told me what to expect. She was very well-informed of my case and any updates with the claims dept. I will miss Winifred, but I will never forget her devotion to my case and my settlement. Winifred is truly an asset to your law firm.


Mr. McKeen,

This is a sincere thank you for the huge effort you put into getting me a fair settlement. I hope the outcome was satisfactory for your firm also and wish you much future success. I appreciate everything that was done for me and your compassionate treatment. Thank you for the extra push.

My most sincere regards.

Debbie Czerwinski


Cass III, Jeff Czerwinski and I would like to thank you and your associates. It would not have been possible for the doctors in error to be held accountable for our loss without the help and dedication of you and your firm. The resolution will never bring my husband back or my son’s father. Our concern is that the doctors involved will be cautious of their future decisions with their patients so that other families will not feel the loss and pain we are still enduring.

Brian, I am so glad that my son Jeff did his research when we were seeking help with our situation. My son Cass felt confident after our initial meeting and with future phone conversations with you and those involved in our case. I appreciate all the help from your associates.


“McKeen & Associates was literally a godsend for me. I was rendered quadriplegic following spine fusion surgery. I received 16 rejections from the most prestigious malpractice attorneys in the Lansing and Detroit area. With less than six weeks remaining before the expiration of the statute of limitations, an attorney from McKeen & Associates, my 17th contact, returned my call. He asked that I forward my records and information and said he would call me back. He did call me back (much to my surprise) and McKeen & Associates took my case and delivered a very satisfactory outcome.”

Sally C. Lemus


I am overwhelmed with gratitude for what you have done for me. Your expertise and professionalism have relieved me from a tremendous burden.

Brian, you have a truly exceptional law firm and I will be forever grateful to you and your staff for your efforts in this case.

My very best regards to you, Brian, and all your associates.

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