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Helping Families After Nursing Home Neglect Or Malpractice

We often entrust nursing homes, assisted living facilities or long-term care residences with the care and safety of a loved one. These facilities are equipped to provide the needed level of care for an elderly or disabled family member. Sadly, these places sometimes allow inexcusable behavior by staff members, including neglect and abuse.

McKeen & Associates, P.C., has an impressive track record in medical litigation, making it an excellent choice for a family seeking a nursing home malpractice attorney. The law firm’s staff of lawyers understands both the catastrophic physical and psychological traumas that accompany nursing home negligence.

To arrange a free consultation with an experienced Michigan and Illinois nursing home neglect attorney, email us or call 313-524-8570. Also, feel free to look at some of our verdict and settlement summaries. We also help clients in the rest of the country.

Detroit Attorneys Assisting With A Variety Of Injuries

Seemingly minor injuries can have a profound impact on elderly or fragile people. Seniors’ bodies have a much more difficult time healing and fighting off infections. A bedsore or fall can send the victim’s health into a downward spiral that he or she may never recover from.

Our Michigan nursing home neglect attorneys handle a variety of injuries involving:

If you wish to explore your legal options after discovering nursing home malpractice involving your loved one, consider McKeen & Associates, P.C.

Our law firm has an outstanding reputation for securing large awards for our clients. To arrange a free consultation, call 313-524-8570 or contact us online. It’s important to act swiftly, as nursing homes may attempt to conceal their negligence. Also, Michigan has strict time limits for bringing an injury or wrongful death claim.

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