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Michigan Attorneys Representing Those Injured On Someone Else’s Premises

When you’ve been injured on someone else’s premises, it’s often due to the negligence of the property owner. A premises liability lawsuit is a tool for recovering money damages to compensate for the harm you’ve suffered. However, prevailing in a premises liability claim isn’t easy: The burden is on the plaintiff to prove the defendant’s negligence.

At the law office of McKeen & Associates, P.C., our premises liability attorneys are adept at helping victims win their claims. When a client needs our help, we take swift action to document and preserve defective and dangerous conditions before the property owner eliminates the evidence. Even if the hazard has already been fixed, our lawyers and experts work to convincingly re-create the condition for a judge or jury.

To discuss your claim with an experienced premises liability accident lawyer, email us or call 313-524-8570. We will work quickly to preserve your legal rights to compensation.

Detroit Slip-And-Fall Claims Attorneys

Premises liability claims encompass a wide variety of accidents in which a dangerous or defective condition on someone’s property caused catastrophic injuries or death. A wide variety of accidents fall under the category of premises liability.

Premises liability claims we handle include:

An experienced premises liability lawsuit attorney can give your claim the best possible chance for success. The lawyers at McKeen & Associates, P.C., proficiently help victims recover maximum compensation for accidents on others’ property. For a free consultation, call 313-524-8570 or contact us online. We serve clients in Michigan, Illinois and elsewhere throughout the country.

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