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Get An Experienced Attorney For Spinal Cord Stimulator Injuries

Surgeons promise patients that spinal cord stimulator implants will relieve their back pain, but negligent implants can lead to nerve damage, paralysis and other lifelong disabilities.

The attorneys at McKeen & Associates, P.C., have been helping injury victims in Detroit and throughout Michigan recover the compensation they need and deserve for more than 30 years. When spinal cord stimulator surgeries go wrong, we know what it takes to get results.

Are Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants Riskier Than Patients Know?

All surgical procedures have certain risks, but patients may not realize just how dangerous these surgeries really are. All it takes is one careless slip of the surgeon’s hand when they are placing the implant for the patient’s spinal cord or nerves to be permanently damaged. A recent study by Duke University Medical Center says that it happens to almost one out of every 100 patients.

Sometimes the spinal cord stimulators themselves may be the cause of the problem. Patients are usually unaware of just how rapidly many of these devices have obtained FDA approval with little testing. Bad devices are rarely pulled from the market.

The catastrophic injuries caused by negligent spinal cord stimulator implant surgeries leave patients with massive medical bills and no ability to work. However, surgeons, implant manufacturers and their insurance companies will not easily admit to their mistakes – especially when it means paying a large settlement. You need aggressive, experienced representation by a surgical malpractice lawyer.

Talk To Us About Your Claim

At McKeen & Associates, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our seriously injured clients over the years. We use respected medical experts to help us build successful surgical malpractice claims, and we are not intimidated by complex cases.

Our lawyers offer free consultations with no obligation. You pay nothing for our services unless we recover money for you. Call us at 313-524-8570 or email us online to get started.

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