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Seeking Justice After Brain Damage During Childbirth

When a doctor makes a mistake during childbirth, the effects can be devastating to the child and the family. Ischemia is a particularly unfortunate injury for infants. It is caused by lack of blood flow and it results in harm to the tissues that are not getting adequate blood. In the context of birth injuries, ischemia usually involves brain tissues, leading to brain damage, often referred to as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) or cerebral palsy.

If your child has suffered from ischemia as a result of your doctor’s error during childbirth, you deserve to be compensated. The Detroit reduced blood flow lawyers of McKeen & Associates, P.C., have more than 30 years of experience with catastrophic medical malpractice and birth injury litigation in Michigan, Illinois and the rest of the country. We will handle your case with professionalism and compassion, and we will do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve.

Trial Attorneys With Extensive Experience In Ischemia Cases

We cannot turn this tragedy around for you, but we will make sure you get the maximum compensation available in your case. We want to achieve justice for the tragedy you have suffered, and we want you to have the financial means to move on from this tragedy to live as normal a life as possible.

In most cases, ischemia is avoidable. Common causes of ischemia include:

  • Improper fetal monitoring during labor and delivery: One of the most important aspects of providing medical care during childbirth involves keeping tabs on the fetal monitoring strip. This device communicates to the doctor whether the child is getting adequate blood flow or oxygen.
  • Umbilical cord compression: When the umbilical cord gets pinched during contractions, the child is not getting the blood needed for normal functioning. If this deprivation of blood lasts too long, brain damage or even death can result.
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section: If there are signs of danger suggesting emergency cesarean delivery, it is negligence on the part of the doctor to not perform that C-section in a timely fashion.

We have the experience and knowledge to look into the facts surrounding your child’s birth to determine whether your doctor’s negligence caused the ischemia. We will give you an honest and accurate assessment of the value of your case and give you good counsel going forward in the litigation.

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