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Animal Attacks And Dog Bites

In Michigan, when an unprovoked dog bites or attacks someone, the pet owner can usually be held strictly liable in an injury lawsuit. Michigan’s dog bite law is important, because nearly 5 million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S. each year, resulting in 800,000 hospitalizations.

Even when an injured person has a convincing case against the dog owner, the victim still faces substantial challenges. Insurance companies are notorious for offering settlements that leave victims substantially undercompensated. When you talk with an insurance company rep, you are speaking with a trained negotiator whose goal is to minimize the payout of your injury dog bite claim.

Further, the insurance company will try to press you into an early settlement, before you even know the extent of your injuries. It will likely use high-pressure tactics on you, such as offering you a sum and saying “take it or leave it.” You may be confused and afraid of making a mistake that hurts you or your family.

At McKeen & Associates, P.C., our Michigan dog bite lawyers know how to handle the insurance company. You are a victim who has a legal right to file suit, and when you partner with one of our lawyers, you quickly become the one calling the shots — not the insurance company. Contact us online or call us at 313-524-8570 for a free consultation.

How Much Is My Dog Bite Claim Worth?

Sometimes it’s hard to value an animal attack injury claim. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before you even consider settling your dog bite claim, including:

  • Will these injuries leave permanent damage?
  • Will this bite become infected?
  • How quickly will I heal?
  • Will I suffer scarring or permanent disfigurement?
  • Am I missing time away from work?
  • Has the attack left me unable to enjoy certain things in life?

These answers often allow you to understand that dog bite compensation is about more than just your medical bills; it’s also about the total harm the attack has inflicted upon your life. The insurance company will not offer you a claim settlement that adequately factors in the above types of damages.

At McKeen & Associates, we carefully handle each case to uncover the total harm suffered by our client. As experienced Michigan trial lawyers, we’re not afraid to take defendants and insurance companies to court if that’s how our clients will get the money they deserve.

For an obligation-free consultation with one of our Detroit dog bite lawyers, email us or call 313-524-8570.

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