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Did A Brain Injury Diagnosis Error Harm Your Family?

Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Even with modern technology, it’s difficult for doctors to discern the extent of brain trauma after an accident. However, physicians should always perform diagnostic tests on a catastrophic injury victim who has suffered trauma to the head, as failing to diagnose a brain injury can severely compromise the patient’s health outlook.

Further, a brain injury victim often needs immediate medical treatment. The treatment can involve medications such as diuretics, anti-seizure meds or coma-inducing drugs. In some cases, the patient needs emergency surgery. These operations may include removing hematomas, repairing skull fractures or even removing part of the skull in cases of extreme brain swelling. The success of these treatments often relies on an accurate injury diagnosis and swift action by doctors.

Not all brain injuries are caused by accidents. A number of infants are seriously brain damaged by ischemia or hypoxia, dangerous conditions often resulting from medical negligence.

Hospital Liability For Brain Injury Errors

When a hospital staff fails to take reasonable measures to mitigate the effects of brain trauma, the patient and family may be able to recover money damages. However, the victim or family needs to prove medical negligence, a particularly difficult task in brain injury lawsuits.

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