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Injured By Going To The Emergency Room?

When you go to the emergency room for treatment of a medical condition that you believe to be serious, you expect to get the help you need. Unfortunately, that is not always what is provided. All too often, emergency room staff members allow the pressure they are under to prevent them from doing their jobs properly. They should be held accountable.

If you or someone you love has been turned away from the emergency room, only to suffer later from a catastrophic injury or medical condition that should have been treated, we can help. If the doctors in the emergency room provided improper treatment, leading to serious damage, we can help. At McKeen & Associates, we will strive to see that emergency room staffers are held accountable for their errors.

A Strong Record Of Positive Results

Our law firm has built a strong record of multimillion-dollar results for people in Michigan, Illinois and throughout the country. We have built this record on more than 25 years of experience. We have the experience to pursue positive results in your ER negligence case.

Emergency room errors and hospital malpractice come in many forms. Among the many scenarios that we are able to handle are:

  • Children who are taken to the emergency room with fevers and the staff’s failure to diagnose an infection leads to life-threatening meningitis
  • People who go to the emergency room with a stomach ache and the doctors fail to recognize a bowel obstruction that leads to serious complications
  • Patients who go to the ER with a headache that is dismissed by the nurses and then turns out to be a serious issue of intercranial pressure

You can be certain that our lawyers can take on even the most complex emergency room errors, including those involving sepsis, infections or any other condition. Our use of high-quality medical experts means that we will get the facts and the analysis to build a case dedicated to positive results.

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