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Strong Legal Representation For Those Injured By Anticoagulation Errors

Many patient safety organizations have labeled anticoagulants as high-risk medications. Like other prescription drugs, they are a double-edged sword. If not prescribed when they should be, a person can suffer a stroke or another catastrophic medical condition that could have been prevented. If administered improperly, a person can face a wide range of potentially deadly complications.

At the Michigan law firm of McKeen & Associates, our attorneys understand how to get the facts about medication errors involving anticoagulants. We know how to stand up for the rights of victims of these errors. In addition to Michigan, we represent clients in Illinois and across the country.

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At our law firm, you will find a team of lawyers with the experience to take on even the most complicated medical malpractice cases. In fact, we have built a record of multimillion-dollar results that demonstrates our ability to succeed. We want to let you see firsthand how serious we are about doing what is right for you.

Most of the anticoagulant errors we have seen involve doctors failing to provide this important medication when all signs indicated that they should have. While each situation is different, this medication should often be provided to people with irregular heartbeats, mechanical heart valves or other evidence of heart problems.

Failure to provide anticoagulants can lead to blood clots that could lead to:

Of course, providing too much or improperly administering anticoagulants can also cause a wide range of serious complications.

Our Michigan attorneys will bring in recognized experts to get to the bottom of your case. We will use their knowledge to form the base of a legal strategy that is designed to get you the compensation you need.

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