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Some medical implants have caused serious complications

Many types of medical implants have resulted in serious injuries or life-threatening complications, including organ damage or infections.

There have been great advances in medical science in recent decades that have saved the lives of countless people. These include state-of-the-art surgical procedures, medications, preventative treatments and medical devices. However, many of these updated treatments have also resulted in residents of Detroit, and elsewhere, being harmed or killed instead of helped. Dangerous medical devices are among the types of treatments that can turn deadly if they are defective or not properly implemented.

According to Consumer Reports, many of these devices have not been tested enough before they are made available to the public. There are few ways for consumers to know that a groundbreaking new piece of technology that is supposed to improve their lives could actually cause harm once it is implanted. Consumer advocates have claimed that these devices are not tested as stringently as prescription drugs are tested before going on the market, and that testing and reporting standards lack consistency.

Some of the worst medical devices

There are three types of devices that gained popularity in recent years, only to backfire and cause serious problems. These included the following:

  • Transvaginal mesh – This product was meant to support sagging organs and treat incontinence among women. However, critics say there was no testing before the mesh was marketed to physicians. The most common problems included the mesh shrinking or shifting after implantation, causing intense pain, scarring, organ damage and infections.
  • Lap-Band – The Lap-Band was marketed as a simple and safe implant meant to restrict the amount of food a person was able to eat. While many people were able to lose weight after getting the Lap-Band, they also faced complications that included nausea, vomiting and the band cutting into the stomach. Consumer groups say the Lap-Band was only tested minimally before going on the market.
  • Metal hip replacements – These implants were intended as a strong, durable alternative to plastic or ceramic hip replacements. However, many patients experienced severe pain, confusion and other problems due to metal flakes chipping off and causing chromium and cobalt poisoning.

Consumer groups have also brought up the concern that there is no sure way for physicians to track patients who have defective devices implanted once a potentially life-threatening problem shows up months or years later.

$100 million awarded to woman for faulty transvaginal insert

A jury awarded a Delaware woman a large verdict after her transvaginal mesh implant eroded, causing scars and other problems. According to Bloomberg, the jury found Boston Scientific Corp. guilty of fraud for not alerting physicians to the faults in the devices. The manufacturer is also paying $119 million to address about 3,000 lawsuits regarding the transvaginal mesh. After lawsuits began pouring in over the devices, the Federal Drug Administration ordered Boston Scientific Corp., Johnson & Johnson and numerous other implant manufacturers to study further complications that were reported.

If you were harmed by a medical implant, you may be eligible for the compensation of your medical expenses. An experienced personal injury attorney in Detroit may be able to help.

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