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Study: Single Concussion May Cause Long-Term Brain Injury

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2013 | Brain Injuries


The medical community knows that concussions aren’t good for the brain, but there has been disagreement about whether an isolated concussion can cause long-lasting brain damage. The answer is yes, according to researchers from the New York University Longone School of Medicine. The medical study found that patients’ brains still displayed significant damage one year after enduring a single concussion.

The research “confirms that at least in some patients, a lasting structural effect may occur, and I think that gives some biologic explanation to some people’s ongoing symptoms,” said Dr. Yvonne Lui, the study’s lead author.

Although there have been tremendous advances in medicine, concussions and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) largely remain a medical mystery. Hopefully, further studies will continue to unravel unknowns regarding brain injuries.

Brain injuries occur in a variety of settings, including:

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