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What medical errors can cause paralysis?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Paralysis can result from varying injuries or health conditions that damage the nerves. Sometimes, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord problems include it as a symptom. Other times, it could be a side effect of medical procedures that go wrong.

Medical errors can lead to paralysis, especially if the procedure involves substances with neuromuscular functions. Although, there are specific mistakes that can happen and affect a patient’s mobility, including the following:

  • Incorrect identification of substances that have similar labels or cap colors
  • Similar medication names complicating inventory and systems before dispensing the medicine
  • Improper storage and organization of substances before administering to patients
  • Patient misidentification caused by inputting incorrect information or confusing similar names
  • Lack of medication that can counteract the effects of neuromuscular medications

Additionally, most of these mistakes are preventable. They often stem from administrative issues, miscommunication, and vague details that could be quickly clarified by rechecking before performing the procedure. Still, medical settings are typically hectic, requiring swift decision-making. Some may also commit these errors due to the patient’s urgent needs.

Regardless, medical practitioners are responsible for maintaining the standard of care in any situation. Following these guidelines and protocols can prevent these medical mistakes and their grave consequences.

Knowing how to approach medical malpractice

Aside from paralysis, medical errors can also have other severe outcomes, such as other long-term disabilities and even death. These incidents can be medical malpractice if the health care provider’s negligence caused them. To understand these situations and how to approach them, seeking legal counsel could be helpful. Receiving experienced guidance may help victims determine appropriate ways to pursue justice and recover compensation for paralysis or other health issues.


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