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Could you have been prematurely discharged from medical care?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

You may have recently gone to the hospital or a clinic because of a strange bump. A doctor looked at it and told you it was a benign lump and to ignore it. They didn’t bother doing any further testing besides a quick look. You later find out the lump was cancerous and could have been dealt with earlier. 

Your doctor’s actions could have prevented you from serious medical issues. Instead, they didn’t consider every option and may have prematurely discharged you from the hospital or clinic.

This may sound like medical malpractice if something similar has happened to you.

Hospitals have many reasons to discharge you early, causing you to be readmitted  

While hospitals are there for the health of the public, they don’t always have the best interests in mind for their patients. There are so many people coming in on a daily basis that hospitals and doctors sometimes cut corners – and that often means cutting a patient loose without adequate care.

Sometimes doctors just look at a patient and decide that they’re mobile enough and alert enough to manage their own care. Their situation doesn’t seem critical, so they decide to shove the patient back toward their primary care doctor for additional tests or care.

Unfortunately, patients who are just on the edge of critical can sometimes appear to be healthier than they really are. They may barely make it home before the lump becomes painful, they develop nausea and vomiting or unusual swelling or something else happens that causes them to return to the hospital and be readmitted.

Admission to the hospital shortly after a patient is sent home from an emergency room or re-admission after a quick discharge should always be considered suspicious. You may need to seek legal help if you believe you have been prematurely discharged and became a victim of medical malpractice. 


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