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What are the risks associated with chiropractic care?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

People who have back or neck pain, as well as some other conditions, may opt to pursue care from a chiropractor. They often think that this is a safe alternative to other medical care or that it will complement traditional medicine.

While it is true that chiropractic care is relatively safe, there are some risks that come with it. Before you have an adjustment, your chiropractor should discuss the benefits and the risks with you so that you can determine whether to have the treatment or not.

Are there contraindications to chiropractic care?

There are a few things that indicate a person shouldn’t have care from a chiropractor. These include things like:

  • Inflammatory arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Compression of the spinal cord
  • Blood thinner usage

In some cases, patients should discuss the possibility of chiropractic care with their primary physician. Anyone who’s had cancer or any other medical condition, including a slipped or herniated disc, should talk to their doctor to see if they can get clearance for chiropractic adjustments.

What are some of the risks?

There are two primary serious risks that come with chiropractic care. These are a vertebrobasilar stroke and cervical artery dissection. A vertebrobasilar stroke involves reduced blood flow through the neck. A cervical artery dissection is a separation of the wall layers of the vertebral or carotid artery. Individuals who have either of these conditions may have neck pain or a headache. Some may lose their vision.

It’s also possible that manipulations can lead to vertigo, headaches and dizziness. These may go away quickly after the adjustment without any treatment necessary but you should be prepared for them just in case they occur.

If you’re injured during a chiropractic visit, you should seek medical care so the injury can be addressed. You may decide that you want to seek compensation for the injury you suffered. This is done through a civil lawsuit. This can help you to recover the cost of medical bills, lost wages and other damages that you faced because of the injury you received at the hands of the chiropractor. There are time limits that apply to these cases, so taking swift action is critical.


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