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We have a new and improved website!

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

We recently launched an updated website and are proud to announce some of our new features! Our streamlined design and improved navigation make the content you’re looking for easier to find.

Here are a few of our site’s key upgrades:

Notable accomplishments

Winning cases is important. But we know that obtaining high settlements is equally consequential for our clients. Our revamped Case Results page provides up-to-date details about our top winning cases.

Cases in the news

McKeen & Associates is a leading medical malpractice law firm in Michigan, Ohio and the surrounding area. Our work often makes headlines. Our Videos page includes some of the local news reports about our firm’s most prominent cases.

Areas of expertise

Not sure whether your case would be a good fit for us? We’ve revamped our Attorneys page to illustrate – at a glance – the legal areas of focus that each member of our team practices.

Client feedback

Our clients have often suffered devastating, life-altering losses due to someone else’s carelessness. We pride ourselves on seeking justice for our clients to the maximum allowable degree under the law. This fundamental operating principle is evident in the work we do – and our clients take notice.

Our goal

With our newly overhauled website, our aim is to make the information you’re looking for as accessible as possible. But we also want to make ourselves readily accessible to you. We are available to consult with you in person, by phone, email and online chat. You can also follow us on Facebook.


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