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How might a birth injury impact the entire family?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Birth Injuries

A woman in labor counts on her medical team to keep her and her baby safe throughout labor and delivery. One thing that can happen in some cases is that the baby doesn’t get sufficient oxygen during the process. This can lead to serious issues when the baby is born, so doctors, nurses, midwifes and other professionals should ensure that they’re paying close attention to how the baby’s responding during the birth process.

Unfortunately, not all cases of oxygen deprivation are addressed immediately. This can lead to long-term issues for the baby. In some cases, it can cause brain damage, cerebral palsy or even death. When the baby suffers from severe impacts, the entire family will have to make some adjustments to accommodate the needs of the baby.

How might families be impacted?

The cost of raising a child who has special needs can be high. This puts the pressure on the family members to either find ways to earn more money or cut back on expenses. For some, the cost of care for the child is prohibitive so one parent will have to remain home to care for the child. This adds to the strain that they have to deal with.

The financial pressures can also lead to the home becoming tense because the parents may begin to become frustrated and take it out on each other. For some, the stress of raising a child with special needs makes it impossible to remain married.

Other children might also be affected because they may feel as though they aren’t getting the same attention as their sibling. While the adults may understand why, it’s possible that the child without the disability could act out because they don’t really know what’s going on.

What might families do to ease the impacts?

One option is to seek compensation for the damages they’re facing because of the birth injury. This is a complex undertaking that requires careful handling. State laws set time limits for how long you have to get your claim filed, so be sure that you act quickly.

Work with a professional familiar with this type of case; they can handle the legal matters while you focus on helping your child to thrive.


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