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Michigan attorneys’ group backs Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Firm News

The search for justice on behalf of injured individuals and their families is the driving force behind our legal practice, as it is for others of our colleagues who are members of the Michigan Association for Justice. As a group, we strive to ensure that laws and the courts don’t allow profits to take precedent over people.

It’s a constant struggle that is not made easier by a legal environment in which courts grant corporations the status of individuals in some instances, giving them rights that some observers argue unfairly tips the scales in favor of big business. The MAJ’s mission is to fight to make Michigan a better place for individuals to live and work. As part of that effort, the MAJ recently announced its endorsement of Gretchen Whitmer for Governor.

Brian J. McKeen, for whom this firm is named and who is currently MAJ president, hails Whitmer as a candidate whose record proves her status as a champion of the people of Michigan.

“She will fight to keep the civil justice system fair and open and ensure that anyone who is seriously injured by misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in Michigan’s courtrooms,” McKeen said.

For her part, Whitmer welcomed the organization’s endorsement saying, “The MAJ has been there for Michiganders to ensure that consumers are protected, to fight for civil rights, and to demand a fair and level playing field exists in our state’s legal system.”

The MAJ expressed the view that its endorsement will contribute to the already impressive momentum behind Whitmer’s campaign to bring greater accountability to Michigan government.

Source: MAJ Roundup, “MAJ Endorses Gretchen Whitmer for Governor,” email newsletter, Oct. 16, 2017


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