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Hospital Tuberculosis Outbreak Infects At Least 26

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2013 | Infectious Disease


The word “tuberculosis” used to bring trepidation to Americans.The creation of the antibiotic streptomycin in 1946 largely quieted this fear, but a new drug-resistant strain of the disease has surfaced in recent decades. A recent tuberculosis outbreak at a Las Vegas hospital shows why people, again, should fear “TB.”

A mother and her infant twins died over the summer at Summerlin Hospital in Nevada, and an autopsy revealed that tuberculosis was the killer. Hospital employees who came in contact with the infected patients also contracted the disease, and Summerlin quickly became the source of a tuberculosis outbreak.

At least 26 people have become infected, including staff members and patients. It’s a serious problem, because tuberculosis can be fatal if not quickly diagnosed and treated. The condition involves a severe lung infection. Symptoms include a persistent cough lasting longer than 3 weeks, chest pain, fatigue and coughing up blood.

Tuberculosis is an unwelcomed illness at hospitals that are already struggling to combat infection diseases such as MRSA. TB can be spread to others when the host coughs or talks.

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