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Medical Errors Account For 195,000 Deaths Each Year

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2013 | Medical Malpractice

Ann Arbor attorney Peter A. Davis recently shared his medical malpractice info-graphs with McKeen & Associates, PC. The charts are telling: Medical malpractice accounts for more unnatural deaths each year than all of the other causes combined.

Peter Davis Pie Chart-thumb-500x395-18478.jpg

The 195,000 patient deaths break down into specific causes as follows:

  • 113,000 medication fatalities
  • 80,000 infection deaths
  • 12,000 fatalities caused by unnecessary surgery
  • 2,000 other types of hospital errors

Below is bar graph showing a different illustration of the same data.

Peter Davis Bar Graph-thumb-510x390-18480.jpg

What’s sad is that families of the wrongful-death patients rarely learn that their loved one was killed by medical mistakes. If you suspect that negligence may have killed someone you love, contact an experienced Michigan medical malpractice lawyer to discuss your claim.

McKeen & Associates, PC, is a Detroit law firm that represents medical malpractice victims throughout the country.

Source: Attorney Peter A. Davis.


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