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4 common causes of driving accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2023 | Personal Injury

Thousands of auto accidents occur every day. It’s nearly impossible to keep track of the cause of every auto accident. 

However, there are some common causes of auto accidents. Here are a few causes of auto accidents that might jeopardize your safety: 

Drunk and drowsy driving

Drunk driving is one of the biggest causes of auto accidents. This is because alcohol impairs senses that are required for safe driving, such as focus, processing and reaction time. In many ways, drowsiness reflects symptoms of inebriation, which can also lead to auto accidents.

Aggression and speeding

Some drivers understand what it takes to be a safe driver but will commit actions that risk their and other drivers’ safety. For example, drivers may act aggressively toward other road users. These drivers may tailgate or brake check drivers, which can lead to accidents.

Another unsafe action while driving is speeding. A driver may speed out of anger because of slow traffic speeds or out of the thrill of driving fast. However, speeding lowers drivers’ ability to process traffic slowly and limits the time it takes to stop a vehicle before a collision. 


Many people are first-time drivers. Anyone who wishes to drive will need to learn how to control their vehicle and navigate traffic. However, a nervous learner may make risky moves on the road if they’re suddenly frightened, such as stopping a vehicle on the highway or making a turn without looking for oncoming vehicles. 


Every driver has the potential to be distracted. A distraction while driving lowers a driver’s ability to react to other vehicles. Some drivers may purposely do things that lead to distractions, such as eating or texting.

An auto accident could severely harm you and cause vehicle damage. You may need to learn your legal rights if another driver caused you injuries and losses. 


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