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Celebrating 40 Years

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Firm News

I find myself astonished at the fact that I am soon to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of going into the private practice of law. It is amazing at how time flies. As the saying goes the days are long but the years are short. I began my practice with the goal of becoming THE BEST medical malpractice/personal injury attorney in Michigan. I continue to strive toward that goal every day. I feel blessed to work with a really great team. As I endeavor to improve myself, I also push to constantly improve our team. It is important that we surround ourselves with colleagues who share my passion for excellence in our mission of serving our clients and the civil justice system. In an ongoing effort to improve the strength, efficiency and effectiveness of our firm I am happy to announce a couple of new hires and new change in our organizational structure.

New Additions And Changes

I am very pleased to welcome attorney Nancy Savageau to the firm. Nancy is a veteran plaintiff’s attorney who I had the pleasure of working with during the Awaad v. Oakwood Hospital litigation. Nancy oversaw that litigation from its inception over 10 years ago and managed 276 cases with remarkable organizational skills and dedication. Having worked very closely with her over a number of years, I realized that she could be a tremendous asset to our firm. As the litigation was winding down, I was happy to extend her an offer to join our team and was delighted that she accepted. She will be starting Monday, March 20th. Rather than assign her a docket of cases I am asking her to observe our practice and assess how we function and then help implement improvements. Her role will evolve over time.

We have a great staff of attorneys. Kenny Lee and Steven Hurbis are not only great young lawyers, but they are also leaders and have expressed interest in taking larger leadership roles in the firm. They have both stepped up and have become valuable resources to help me with decision making on a wide variety of matters including staffing and organizational issues. I am formally appointing them as Co-Vice Chairs of The McKeen & Associates Executive Committee. I will chair the Committee and have asked Nancy and Mark to join as well. Laura Jones will be our representative from our Invest Department.

Lee Ann Allen and Marija Kuljanin are among the greatest examples of our hard working and dedicated staff and are de facto leaders that many of us turn to for help and advice. Therefore, I am appointing Lee Ann as Senior Paralegal Manager of the Litigation Assistants, and Marija as Paralegal Manager of the Litigation Paralegals. On that note, thanks to the many here who go above and beyond in their dedication to the firm and our clients.  Your efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic were extraordinary and helped us survive what was a very difficult period.

Jeff Bomber is a bright and enthusiastic young lawyer who loves legal writing and will be joining our staff later this month. He will be a most welcome addition.

I am confident that these steps will be very helpful in our efforts to be THE BEST medical malpractice/personal injury firm in Michigan and among the best in the US.

Finally, it is also important to me that the firm be a place where people love to work and feel a sense of being part of a team that is making an important difference in people’s lives. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of collegiality, mutual respect and appreciation. As always, please send us your suggestions and comments on how we can work together to make McKeen & Associates a better firm for our clients and staff.


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