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Negligence during and after plastic surgery harms many patients

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Surgical Errors

When you undergo surgery, even if you have chosen the surgery and do not technically require it, you still expect the surgeon providing your treatment to maintain appropriate professional standards and to do everything in their ability to secure a positive outcome for you.

Plastic surgery may include some of the most involved processes currently performed in medical facilities. From repairing damage caused by traumatic injuries to altering someone’s born appearance, plastic surgery can make drastic changes to how a patient looks and impact functionality and therefore, their overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, negligence in the plastic surgery world is surprisingly common, as many of the doctors in this field have more of a desire to make money than they do to provide the best medical care possible. A case involving a surgeon who became popular by posting on social media is a perfect example of professional negligence in the plastic surgery world.

Negligence left patients in pain and with poor outcomes

Imagine undergoing a procedure to correct the physical consequences of pregnancy, only to be left in terrible pain and in a state of panic when you learn the very next day that the surgeon lost their license. That was exactly what happened for some patients of a doctor who fashioned herself as a social media celebrity.

Other complaints from former patients include issues from their procedure that resulted in emergency room admission due to residual air in the abdomen after surgery, the doctor live-streaming surgical procedures and not receiving aftercare instructions or proper follow-up after surgery. The doctor in question has since had her license revoked and will likely face numerous lawsuits as a result of the failed procedures allegedly performed at her practice.

Negligent plastic surgeons profit off of people’s embarrassment

Surgeons like the one above are able to continue making the same horrific choices regarding the care that they provide their patients in no small part because the people who they harm feel afraid to take action.

There is still some social stigma attached to the idea of plastic surgery, and those who have chosen to undergo surgeries may feel like the failure of the procedure is their own fault. Talking to someone about what happened to you and holding a plastic surgeon accountable for their medical malpractice can compensate you for your suffering and help prevent them from harming other people, which is likely to occur if no one they harm speaks up about their suffering.


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