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September 2014 Archives

Hospitals named in med mal suits in connection with fraud charges

Investigation continues in a case of health care fraud out of Detroit involving a physician who has pleaded guilty to putting patients through unnecessary treatments in order to be able to submit fraudulent insurance claims. The main doctor targeted thus far has pleaded guilty to 13 counts of health care fraud, as well as other charges. Now, eight other physicians have been implicated in the case.

Early brain injury can lead to autism, study says

Researchers from Princeton University recently offered a new theory regarding the genesis and onset of autism. The theory has to do with the cerebellum, the area of brain which processes motor control. Researchers suggest that an injury to the cerebellum during the birth process can significantly increase an infant’s likelihood of developing autism, more than almost every other known risk factor.

Risky sleeping pills may be overprescribed

Most of our readers have heard of the sleep drug Ambien, as well as the risks associated with it. These risks include dizziness and drowsiness, and in more serious cases depression, suicidal thoughts, aggressive behavior and anxiety. The sedative effect of the drug is increased when the drug is mixed with alcohol and other drugs.                                                       

Patients can face challenges pursuing malpractice claims

One of the challenges with medical malpractice litigation is that it is not always easy for those who are harmed by a health care provider to successfully pursue a case for medical malpractice, even when the merits of their case are strong. Part of the reason for this is that health care providers usually have greater resources at their disposal with which to pursue litigation, whereas patients very often don’t have much in terms of financial resources. Medical malpractice litigation can be expensive, particularly if the provider is not open to settlement and is bent on defending his or her case at all costs.