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August 2014 Archives

Developing technology may help surgeons avoid errors, improve technique

Surgical errors can result in serious harm to patients in some cases, and it goes without saying that patients deserve to have the assurance that their providers and their employers are continually working on ways to reduce the occurrence of errors to make operations more successful. Improvements can come from a variety of approaches, including improved safety practices, better staff communication, and enhanced technology.

Class action lawsuit against hospital settled for $190 million

When most of us hear the term medical malpractice we generally tend to think of medical error of some sort. The truth, though, is that medical malpractice encompasses a wide range of erroneous and inappropriate behavior on the part of medical professionals and their employers. A recent class action lawsuit against Johns Hopkins Hospital involving thousands of patients is a good example of this.

Survey of research shows medication errors common among children

In a recent post, we wrote on the issue of medication errors in nursing home settings and noted the surprising frequency with which these errors occur. Medication errors are not uncommon only among the elderly, though, but also in health care settings involving children. According to a new study which looked at a number of previous studies on the issue of medication errors, anywhere from five to 27 percent of all medication prescriptions for children result in child patients taking the incorrect dosage of the drug.