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June 2014 Archives

Family wins $7.9M in connection with botched surgery

William Beaumont Hospital in Grosse Pointe, along with a physician and an anesthesiologist, was recently ordered to pay $7.9 million to the family of a woman who died after receiving treatment for a stomach condition. The woman died back in 2009 after undergoing gall bladder surgery.

Medication errors may improve with pharmacists' help

Errors can occur in any area of medical practice. One quite common area for errors to occur is with the prescription and administration of medications. Not surprisingly, emergency room departments are places where medication errors are not uncommon. Because mistakes in this area can sometimes have serious ramifications, it is in the interest of hospitals to address the issue.

Couple "wins" malpractice case against birth center

Some of our readers have either worked with a nurse midwife in the birth of a child or know of couples who have done so. The reasons for working with a nurse midwife over a physician in a hospital setting vary among couples, but one thing couples should always be cautious about in working with midwives is their history of performance and whether or not they are covered by medical malpractice insurance. A recent malpractice lawsuit is a good reminder of both points.