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Surgeon Study Finds Correlation Between Skill, Complications

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | Surgical Errors


A recent study provided insight into bariatric surgical errors, revealing that the skill of a surgeon largely impacts the likelihood that the patient will experience complications. This conclusion seems straightforward enough, but it’s startling that patients of unskilled bariatric surgeons are three times more likely to suffer from errors than skilled surgeons.

The study had physicians watch videos of bariatric surgeries to determine whether the surgeon was “skilled,” “unskilled,” or somewhere in between. Those with the best peer ratings had a 5.2 percent complication rate, while unskilled bariatric surgeons had a 14.5 percent rate.

Unskilled surgeons also had significantly longer operating times than those rated with higher skill. This likely has some impact on complication rates, too; the longer the surgery, the more opportunity for a complication.

What can bariatric patients can take away from the study? Choose your surgeon wisely. Even the most skilled surgeon may make errors during operations, but the chance is significantly smaller when you choose a physician that’s highly respected by his or her peers.

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