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January 2013 Archives

Another Wrongful Death Lawsuit Accuses GranuFlo and NaturaLyte

Fresenius Medical Care runs a large chain of for-profit dialysis clinics in Michigan and around the country. In addition to its clinics, Fresenius also developed and manufactured two dialysis concentrates: GranuFlo and NaturaLyte.

Study: Hospitals Never Tell 98% of Patients About Medication Errors

New research concluded that the medical profession has a tendency to keep potentially dangerous secrets. According to a survey of 840,000 reported instances of medication errors, hospitals and doctors only told two percent of patients that something went wrong.

Should Your Doctor Retire? Experts Worry About Aging Physicians

For many Americans, age is often an important indicator that a doctor has more experience. We tend to trust professionals who have spent more time working with similar patients. To a certain extent, that's probably a fair assessment. However, experts are beginning to come forward with concerns about the medical profession. Many doctors continue to work well past the age at which most people would retire - this has big safety implications for patients as doctors' health begins to deteriorate as well.

Report: Many Doctors Endanger Patients By Reusing Syringes

A national investigative report revealed disturbing new medical malpractice statistics last week. According to USA Today's research, tens of thousands of Americans face potentially devastating consequences because doctors and other medical professionals improperly reuse contaminated needles.