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June 2017 Archives

Wrong-site surgery can have permanent, life changing consequences

Medical errors come in a variety of forms, but some are more common than others. Some medical errors are preventable, while others are not as easily preventable. Dealing with a serious but preventable medical error can be extremely difficult, not only because of the costs and life changes involved, but also because the patient knows that that, with reasonable care, it didn’t have to turn out that way.

Consult medical malpractice attorney to determine options after medical harm

More and more nowadays, physicians, physician groups and hospitals are recognizing the value in effective physician-patient communication with respect reducing liabilities. Put simply, patients are less likely to sue when physicians and hospitals staff communicate effectively with patients.

MI bills aim to prevent errors due to nursing staff shortfalls

Those of our readers who work in health care, or have family members who do, know that understaffing can be a serious issue. This is particularly true in the nursing profession, where nurses are often asked to pick up extra shifts and work overtime to cover staffing gaps.  

Lawsuit: Surgical errors resulted in brain damage

If you drive west of Detroit for about 8 hours, you will come to the small Iowa town of Lisbon, near Cedar Rapids. Named after the capital of Portugal, the town of about 2,000 is home to a woman who recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit over surgical errors that she claims caused brain damage.

Report looks at high rate of unnecessary C-sections at hospitals, P.2

Last time, we began looking at the high rate of Cesarean sections at hospitals, and the unnecessary risks patients are exposed to when vaginal delivery is low risk. Aside from increasing the risk of unnecessary complications and fatality, unnecessary C-sections also increase the risk that a woman will have to delivery by C-section in future pregnancies. This can lead to additional risks.