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As the old saying goes, 2 things cannot be avoided: death and taxes. Attorneys representing plaintiffs/health care consumers believe medical malpractice can be avoided, and the quality of health care has improved over the decades (in part in response to litigation).

"Trial Lawyers" are the favorite whipping boy of the conservative media. They are blamed for every malady except perhaps sickness. However, in fact, Plaintiff attorneys (a/k/a "Trial Lawyers") are frequently in the role of quasi government agents with the task of recouping Medicaid/Medicare expenditures made as a result of medical error. Without the often-deriled initiative of plaintiff attorneys who usually bankroll the claims, the U.S. government would be left funding the consequence of medical errors. Of course, the U.S. Government is dependent on the tax payer (you) to keep Medicaid/Medicare afloat and provide citizens with the cherished "safety net" that the Medicaid/Medicare programs provide.

The very financial solvency of the Medicaid/Medicare programs is in doubt. As the population ages, these programs will be even more threatened. The next time you hear a friend, relative, or media pundit bash the greedy "Trial Lawyer" remind them of the public service provided by medical negligence lawsuits and the reimbursement of the Medicaid/Medicare entitlement programs.

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