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When you have been injured because of someone else's wrongdoing, you want an experienced lawyer to help you pursue full and fair compensation for your losses. You may be unable to work because of your injury, or you may need extensive medical treatment, including rehabilitation or physical therapy. You may live with substantial pain every day and find it difficult to perform the simplest tasks. You want an attorney who knows how to prosecute a personal injury claim, who won't be intimidated by insurance companies or defense lawyers.

The Lack of an Autopsy is a Barrier to Obtaining Justice

The Lack of an Autopsy is a Barrier to Obtaining Justice

Based on TV shows like CSI and Dr. G: Medical Examiner you might think autopsies are done routinely. Unfortunately that is not the case-the reality is that the frequency of autopsies is very rare, about 5 percent. That was not always the case. In the 1960s about 50% of persons who died had an autopsy. In fact in order to maintain accreditation, hospitals were required to perform an autopsy on at least 20 percent of their patients who died. In 1970 when the 20 percent requirement stopped, the rate of autopsies has steadily declined and now only about 5 percent of patients have an autopsy. About 40 percent of hospitals do not perform autopsies at all!