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Settlement for failure to diagnose a dermoid cyst in a new born leading to loss of bowel and bladder control.


Settlement for failure to timely deliver baby in spite of hours of fetal distress. Doctor delayed coming into the hospital to deliver in spite of calls from attending nurse reporting distress. This delay resulted in child being quite depressed at birth, having cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

Lozen vs. Prigg

Settlement in medical malpractice claim where Ms. Lozen felt decreased fetal movement and notified her treating OB-Gyn, Dr. David Prigg and was told to increase hydration and put her feet up. The following morning, Ms. Lozen had continued complaints of decreased fetal movement and called her physician again. He finally instructed her to go to the hospital. When arriving at Riverside Osteopathic Hospital around 5:30 p.m, the fetal heart rate monitor demonstrated a nonreassuring patter, with poor to absent variability, occasional contractions and decelerations. An ultrasound showed decreased amniotic fluid with no fetal movement. Dr. Prigg was notified and a stat C-section was called. While Ms. Lozon was being prepped for C-section, significant decelerations and period of bradycardia persisted. Baby Lozen was delivered with no heart beat and no movement. There was no neonatologist or pediatrician present at the time of delivery. Baby Lozen was transported to U of M where she was evaluated and found to have sustained a hypoxic ischemic brain injury. As a result of defendant's failure to deliver her earlier, she continues to suffer from extensive neurological damages and has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy.


Settlement involving child with cerebral palsy caused by failure to timely deliver. Mother was sent home by residents in spite of nonreassuring fetal monitor strips. When the mother returned the next morning, baby was exhibiting significant fetal distress. Staff still delayed delivery. Case resolved after hospital filed for bankruptcy protection.


Settlement on behalf of a minor who sustained permanent brain injury due to delay in recognition of fetal distress and delay in performing a C-section. Plaintiff's mother was admitted to induction of labor with Pitocin. The nurses and obstetric nurses administered too much Pitocin, which caused the baby to be deprived of blood and oxygen through the placenta. Over time the baby's heart rate monitor became abnormal indicating that a C-section should have been performed. By the time the attending obstetrician arrived and performed the C-section, the child had been acutely asphyxiated. The child has mild cerebral palsy and learning disabilities.


Settlement in medical malpractice claim against a neurosurgeon who performed surgery at the wrong level of the spine. A 47-year-old woman with a history of prior lumbar disc surgery underwent surgery for a disc herniation at L4/L5. The neurosurgeon erroneously operated on the patient's spine at L3/L4. A subsequent surgery was, of course, necessary to repair the original disc injury at L4/L5. The combination of both surgeries resulted in bilateral nerve pain and disability from employment. McKeen & Associates was able to successfully overcome the defendant's argument that the patient would be disabled from work even if the unnecessary surgery had not been performed.


Settlement on behalf of an 18-year-old young man who sustained brain injury due to delay in delivery by C-section. Plaintiff's mother was over 40 years of age and had gestational diabetes both of which required close monitoring of the baby's condition during the pregnancy. The obstetricians failed to start weekly ultrasounds, which led to them missing the fact that the baby's growth rate was declining (an indication for further monitoring and delivery by elective C-section). Once ultrasounds were done they showed the need for immediate delivery by C-section. Unfortunately, after mother was sent to the hospital, there was an additional hour's long delay in performing the C-section. The plaintiff sustained permanent brain injury, which caused cerebral palsy and developmental delay.


Settlement in a medical malpractice claim on behalf of a 38-year-old single mother of two teenage daughters. A local hospital and its doctors failed, over several months, to recognize that chronic dehydration caused by a chronic intestinal condition could lead to stroke. The stroke would have been prevented if the doctors had administered anticoagulant medication to reduce the risk of blood clots forming in the brain. As a result of the stroke, the client was left unable to return to work and will require assistance in managing her daily activities for the rest of her life.


Settlement that involved a newborn who sustained brachial plexus injury due to shoulder dystocia. During delivery, nurses incorrectly applied performed fundal pressure, which worsened the dystocia.

Settlement for failure to use proper CT contrast allergy prep prior to known steroid allergy patient resulting in fatal allergic reaction.

Settlement for failure to hold Coumadin in patient who had suffered a head injury, despite the fact that patient had a negative head CT upon presentation.


Settlement on behalf of a minor who sustained hearing loss and cognitive delays due to the failure of an obstetrician and obstetric residents to timely perform a C-section for mother's failure to progress in labor despite use of Pitocin to augment the labor. As a result the child developed meconium aspiration syndrome, which required extensive treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).


Settlement reached on behalf of a 64-year-old woman with a neurogenic bladder due to a delayed diagnosis of spinal cord compression following a laminectomy. The patient underwent a laminectomy for a disc herniation. The neurosurgeon noticed a puncture in the dura resulting in a spinal fluid leak. The defect was repaired using a Nurolon suture. Postoperatively the patient had significant pain in her back, right leg, buttocks and perineal numbness. An MRI was ordered that showed an epidural fluid collection with constriction on the spinal cord. The neurosurgeon was unaware of the MRI report results for many hours. A timely re-exploration of the spine was not performed resulting in cauda equina syndrome, loss of bowel and bladder function.


Settlement in a medical malpractice claim on behalf of a 7-year-old child who developed bleeding into his brain, seizures and learning disabilities, after application of a vacuum extractor. Labor was progressing normally and there was no sign of fetal distress. The obstetrician told the laboring mother that he was going to use a vacuum despite the fact that no indication for the vacuum existed. The laboring mother was not given sufficient information to make an informed decision about use of the vacuum.

Settlement for iatrogenic transection of superior mesenteric artery during laparoscopic radical nephrectomy.


Settlement in a medical malpractice claim for the estate of a 25-year-old single male. The patient had a history of ulcerative colitis (UC), which caused dehydration and blood loss. While in the hospital for treatment for his UC the patient complained of an episode of chest pain radiating to the left arm. EKGs were abnormal; however, the patient's attending doctor and gastroenterologist did not consult with a cardiologist because the patient was young and had no significant risk factors for heart disease. The patient was discharged from the hospital and died at home two days later of a heart attack. He is survived by his parents and a sister.

Estate of Smith v. Defendant Hospital

Settlement on behalf of the estate of a still born child. Mother presented with complaints of decreased fetal movement; the unborn child was improperly monitored and mother was sent home with instructions to return in several days. Upon the mother's return, it was discovered her baby had died. The claim involved a failure to admit the patient for observation and assessment of fetal well-being, which would have led to recognition of the need for delivery prior to the child's death.


Settlement in wrongful death claim of a 35-year-old gentleman who was given recalled pain patches by a pharmacy. Defective fentanyl patches believed to have contributed to his death by dumping medication too quickly into his bloodstream causing loss of consciousness and death.

Settlement for delay in performing neurosurgery on midbrain in patient w/ aggressive brain cancer, resulting in period of transient neurologic injury prior to the cancer causing superceding paralysis.

$234,200 Jury Verdict
Lawrence Longuski vs. Hoon Jeung, M.D.

Jury verdict in a medical malpractice claim for a 75-year-old man who developed lack of blood supply (ischemia) and death of tissue (necrosis) to his stomach after a surgery to fix a hiatal hernia. During the surgery the defendant surgeon unnecessarily cut several blood vessels that supply blood to the stomach. The reduction in blood supply to the stomach caused a large portion of the stomach to eventually die, which required additional surgeries and a long painful recovery.


Settlement in a psychiatric malpractice claim on behalf of the estate of a 52-year-old single male. Plaintiff's decedent (Mr. A) had a long history of psychiatric problems. Mr. A was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and responded well to treatment. He was scheduled to be discharged. Prior to Mr. A's discharge another psychiatric patient broke a wooden table then struck Mr. A multiple times in the head with a piece of the wooden table in an unprovoked attack. Mr. A. died as a result of the injuries he sustained. The psychiatric hospital was sued for failing to provide a safe and secure environment for Mr. A leading to his death.


Settlement for HIR & CP due to failure to perform timely C-section in patient w/ factor V leiden and a history of maternal smoking during pregnancy.


Settlement for iatrogenic injury during unindicated neurosurgical procedure causing hemiplegia.


Settlement for hospital fall in 85-plus-year-old patient resulting in broken hip and some bedsores, followed by the patient's death a few months later from unrelated CVA.


Settlement in birth trauma case resulting in seizures, microcephaly and quadriplegic cerebral palsy by virtue of ischemic insult and trauma.


Settlement in birth trauma case resulting in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, seizure disorder, cerebral palsy and severe cognitive impairments.


Settlement for failure to diagnose breast cancer radiographically, resulting in one-year delay in diagnosis and lymphedema.


Settlement for failure to diagnose and properly treat ectopic pregnancy, resulting in loss of tube.


Settlement for intraoperative position of patient on an unset fractured arm during a Baclofen pump replacement procedure resulting in transient neuropraxia in patient already disabled and wheelchair bound w/ progressive spinal collapse.


Settlement for failure to diagnose syndesmotic ligament injury during ORIF of ankle, resulting in pain and requiring additional surgery.


Settlement for one-time "overdose" of prescription medication, where patient had previously been taking the same dosage per prescription, resulting in hospitalization and brief period of sedation.

Settlement of birth trauma claim versus suburban hospital.

During the course of admission, it was noted by high-risk consultants that abnormally low umbilical cord created risk of cord compression. Following two days of periodic abnormal fetal heart accelerations, a cesarean section was belatedly performed resulting in a severely asphyxiate baby who developed cerebral palsy and mental retardation.