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If a doctor's negligence during pregnancy, labor or delivery results in birth injuries to a child, the life of the entire family will never be the same. Between the extra medical costs, the costs associated with accommodating the child's special needs and the pain and suffering that the entire family has to endure, cerebral palsy as a result of a doctor's error or negligence is tragic. Families in this situation deserve to be compensated.

We have been helping families obtain compensation for birth injuries for more than 30 years. Our cerebral palsy attorneys combine knowledge, experience and skill with a compassionate, client-centered approach that our clients appreciate. We care about our clients. We will take the time to listen to your story and fight for your compensation.

At McKeen & Associates, P.C., we have an impressive track record of successful million-dollar and multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. The Detroit News called our lead attorney, Brian McKeen, "Michigan's Most Winning Medical Malpractice Lawyer." Our opponents see this track record, so they know that we are willing and able to litigate successfully. This often makes defendants more willing to negotiate an acceptable settlement early on in the process.

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Cerebral palsy can be caused during pregnancy, labor or birth or during the earliest days of a child's life. Common situations that lead to cerebral palsy during labor and birth include:

  • Reduced blood flow: Reduced blood flow is a common cause of CP at birth. A doctor should closely observe the fetal monitoring strip during contractions to make sure the child is getting adequate blood supply and maintaining a good heart rate.
  • Lack of oxygen: Similar to reduced blood flow, lack of adequate oxygen can lead to cerebral palsy. Improper fetal monitoring during labor is often the direct cause of these injuries. In most birth injury cerebral palsy cases involving lack of oxygen, if the doctor would have monitored the situation properly, emergency procedures could have prevented the cerebral palsy.
  • Physical stress: Cesarean delivery, the use of forceps and vacuum extraction methods cause fetal distress to the child's developing brain, leading to cerebral palsy.

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